How To Get Tidal Free Accounts With Username & Passwords 2020?

Here in this article, you can have easy access to tidal free accounts 2020. We have a treasure chest of passwords and ids too and the alternative methods also.

In this stressful pandemic time all of the world rummaging for the delightful moments full of energetic music swags which helps them in overcoming their depression and make an environment in which can easily absorb in and forget all the worries. For this reason, everyone is scratching their heads in exploring the free accounts of tidal. 10freeaccounts as always provide full great satisfactory services to its user and working day and night just to allure your life.

What is Tidal?

About Tidal Tidal Free Accounts 2020

Tidal is basically Subscription-based music, podcast and musical advance featured video streaming network which was launched in 2014 by Aspiro and now owned by Jay-Z.

It has a vast collection of music tracks and music videos. There are two types of level services in tidal in which one a lossy quality feature and other level have lossless CD-quality feature. It is much popular in a mass marketing campaign. It has 3million subscribers world widely. It has 54 serves all over which means it has access of up to 54 countries of the world.

In making tidal more advanced and versatile comprehended, Aspiro makes a partnership with Britain Company MQA for the purpose of producing master quality recordings.

Levels Services of Tidal

There are two levels of tidal which are vice versa:

  • Tidal Premium
  • Tidal HiFi


  • Tidal Premium:

In this level tidal provide lossless high fidelity featured sound quality with Sony 360 Reality audio, Dolby Atmos Music and high definition music videos. It costs $9.99 USD on a monthly bases.

  • Tidal HiFi:

Tidal HiFi means high fidelity sound quality, it relies on FLAC through this the user can stream a vast number of tracks in lossless quality. Through it one can get the chance to hear the tracks in their real form and experience the audio of artist content. It costs $19.95 per month. This level offers Master collection which excites its users a lot.

Live streaming Service

Tidal supreme feature of live streaming is one of the best features of this app. Through it, much online live streaming held which make the app more interesting and well-liked. The live streaming service applauded and admired by all. The first live streaming concerts on tidal were The opening of The national memorial for peace and justice and the other was of The Legacy Museum.

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Plans of Tidal:

Tidal offers 4 premium plans

  1. Premium
  2. Family premium
  3. Student premium
  4. Military premium
  • Premium plan:

It provides 320 to 96kbit/s with add free unlimited listening time. It costs $9.99 USD per month.

  • Family premium:

It offers the same speed and features same of Premium plan but in it, if you want to add your family member too you can add them. Adding up of members features have additional charges. Adding of per-member costs $4.99 USD which will be added in your monthly fee.

  • Student premium:

In this plan, the student will get 50% discount on their streaming services from tidal. The students will have access to 57 million songs and 230,00o videos without any additional promotion stuff. It offers a premium plan $4.99USD monthly and tidal Hifi for $9.99USD to college students.

Tidal Master Feature

Tidal master is considered as a more enhanced feature than tidal Hifi as tidal Hifi audio has an only limited resolution of 44 kHz/16bits but the tidal master is unscathed version providing premier 96 kHz/24bit with flawless persistent resolution.

How to Set Sound Quality on Tidal?

For setting the sound quality on tidal one should follow these steps;

  1. Download Tidal app, after downloading go to the Tidal desktop.
  2. Click on Tidal master quality album on the home page.
  3. For mind-blowing quality, set your setting to Hifi/Master quality and then select streaming.
  4. Tidal works on all APK devices.

Tidal Better Than Spotify

Tidal is much trending musical video and podcast live concert streaming site. It is much dear to everyone because of its large library and deluxe advanced quality and real artistic content. Spotify is also providing good services but because to more resplendent features, speed and sound quality tidal is the apple of an eye of its user.

How To Get Tidal Free Accounts With Username & Passwords

How To Get Free Tidal Account 2020?

Method 1

1.  Tidal Free for 6 months

  1. Go to the official website of Tidal.
  2. Sign up as per your own selection of social web mailing address with password and DOB option.
  3. Enter all required payment info i.e. Credit card number and click on ‘CONTINUE’ option for getting a free 6-month trial.
  4. Note down the date of subscription and trail ending date through google calendar or any device notes calendar so in this way you will be able to cancel the subscription as before given time in order to avoid any paid consent process.
Method 2

2. Free Tidal premium without credit card

  1. In order to get free premium tidal firstly your device should have VPN connection.
  2. After that change your IP address and set your server of Canada.
  3. Then in the next step refresh your google home page so that it will be automatically decoded as Canadian IP.
  4. Browse tidal on google and open the home page of Tidal.
  5. Open new tab window of
  6. On the previous tab of Tidal home click on Start new trial.
  7. In the gmailnator page, generate your disposable g mail address.
  8. Click on Go in gmailnator page, mailbox popped up on screens.
  9. Then copy that Gmail id which appeared downward in the blue box.
  10. New page of Sign up or log in opened.
  11. Paste that id address over there and click on continue.
  12. Create your password and confirm it.
  13. Set your DOB.
  14. And sign up
  15. Try Tidal for free screen open and select continue option.
  16. Now download the app option comes on the screen, click on download select your device.
  17. Log in and free trail page opened after that in another gmailnator tab the Tidal app home page will automatically open with a disposable set email address, click on yes, continue tab.
  18. Your tidal account will be created without any credit card number.
  19. Now click on the 3 dots on the left side of your tidal home page, go to the setting there you can see and manage all your provided information.
  20. Change your settings and video streaming quality as per your wish and start enjoying Tidal without squandering your wheat bread and grain money.
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The unlimited high-resolution quality of soundtracks and especially live concert streaming from point of view is one of the most appealing features towards the musical world mass market and its random frequent users. But if in future or upcoming days there will be an option of sharing one account with other profiles and division of screens feature develop or if enhance without any paid consent process than it will be one of the prime world blockbuster application ever. In concluding the article the last point to be discussed is its team good consistent efforts and persistent nature in making this app more developed, advanced and designed according to the need and demand of time.

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